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In Harmony

"Harmony would lose it's attractiveness if it did not have a background of discord"

Tehyi Hsieh

Georges Seurat once quoted, "Art is Harmony. Harmony is the analogy of opposites, the analogy of similarities of tone, of tint, of line taking account of a dominant and under the influence of the lighting, in combinations that are gay, calm or sad."

Art imitates life in that a balance has to be struck. A certain order in the chaos, an understanding that generates respect and sage guidance to orchestrate the palette. We cannot have one without the other. 


These paintings are abstract visual snippets of daily experiences rendered from my subconscious. I start with a random sketch; sometimes suggesting the shape of a vessel, table scene, street scene or figurative interaction. From the sketch, I intuitively decide the light and dark balance which creates a "harmony".


In Harmony Series, "From My Table", Abstract, Black and White Painting, Contemporary Art, Abstract Painter, Rick Griggs Art
"Building Blocks", Contemporary Abstract Painting, In-Harmony Series - Not Available
"Bacadillos De Medianoche", Contemporary Abstract Painting, In Harmony-Series, 2019/2020
"Body Language", Black and White Contemporary Abstract Painting 2019/2020
"Brighter Future", Black and White Contemporary Abstract Painting, 2020-Available
Black and White Painting with Chartreuse, Chartreuse Night Scene, Black and White Abstract Painting on Wood Panel, Rick Griggs Art
"Open Vessel" . 30" X 40" - Not Available
"Enough Said", 24" X 30", Contemporary Abstract - Available
Feeling Like The Pink Panther-the flawed and priceless diamond-abstract painting-black and white sketch-abstract-Rick Griggs Art 2019/2020 - Not Available
"Speaking Truths", Contemporary Abstract Black and White Painting, 2019/2020
"Taking Flight" 48" X 48", Contemporary Abstract Black and White Painting, Rick Griggs Art 2019/2020 - Available and On Exhibit at the Angad Art Hotel, Saint Louis
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