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Found Object Assemblage

"Can works be made which are not "of art""?
Marcel Duchamp
"Found Object" describes art created by familiar objects or products that are not normally considered materials from which art is made. 
My assemblages are composed of vintage scrap materials and oddities that I've obtained from ongoing scavenge hunts. They tend to be abstract, geometric in nature and somewhat architectural.
My intention is generally not about representing a theme but creating contemporary visuals with a "feel" that honors the original time stamp. 
I often wonder about the origins and people that utilized these objects and how they would perceive their final destination.


Found ObJect Assemblage, Green Backdrop of a Vintage Bookcover, Found Wood Pieces, Glasse Tile, Xyzolophone Mallet with Brass Ball, Small wood box with green printed paper design in diamond pattern
Orange and Cream Colored Art Assemblage with Glass, Small Wood Boxes, Vintage Book Covers and Xylophone Mallet/Shadowbox
Found Object Assemblage with Wood, Wood Pieces, Black Screen, Metal Number 0, Blue Book Cover, Glass
Assemblage of rough textured wood pieces, corrugated cardboard, rusted metal screen with round image, vintage book covders and wire mesh glass panel
Found Object Assemblage made of Drawer Front with Peeling Paint, Leather Book Cover, Wood Stick, Marble, and Polka Dotted Glass
Found Object Assemblage, Vintage Wood with Green Painted Ends, Vintage Book Covers with Lavender Color and Green, Brass Template with Circle Cutout, Wood Strip and Clear Glass Rectangular Plate
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